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Anglers Rendezvous

Spin & Bait Fishing Tackle

View our extensive selection of spin tackle and accessories from Abu, Shakespeare, Berkley, Partridge, Mitchell and more. Our excellent spinning outfits are great value. Click on a product for more details and ordering information:


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Shimano Stradic GTM-RC
Shimano Stradic GTM-RCFrom £103.48
Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher£100.00
Ocean Heavy Duty Studded Chest Waders
Ocean Heavy Duty Studded Chest WadersFrom £99.99
Muckboots Chore Wellington
Muckboots Chore WellingtonFrom £93.90
Shimano Alivio 10000XSA
Shimano Alivio 10000XSA£89.99
Shimano Super GTM-RC
Shimano Super GTM-RCFrom £89.99 Sale
Daiwa Wilderness Long Jacket
Daiwa Wilderness Long JacketFrom £89.99
Snowbee Rockhopper Wellingtons
Snowbee Rockhopper WellingtonsFrom £79.99
Swaledale Sweater
Swaledale SweaterFrom £71.99
Muckboots Derwent
Muckboots Derwent£69.95
Quiltknit Sweaters
Quiltknit SweatersFrom £69.00 Sale
Shimano Exage RC
Shimano Exage RCFrom £65.80
Shimano Nexave Spin
Shimano Nexave Spin£62.99
Ocean Studded Thigh Wader
Ocean Studded Thigh WaderFrom £58.99
Daiwa Ninja 9ft Spin
Daiwa Ninja 9ft Spin£54.99
Daiwa Megaforce 2550X Spin Reel
Daiwa Megaforce 2550X Spin Reel£49.99
Mitchell 300
Mitchell 300 £49.99
Shimano Nexave RC
Shimano Nexave RCFrom £47.99
Daiwa Megaforce 10ft Spin Rod
Daiwa Megaforce 10ft Spin Rod£44.99
Shimano Alivio
Shimano AlivioFrom £39.99 Sale
Rovex Aureus 2 in 1 Spin Reel
Rovex Aureus 2 in 1 Spin ReelFrom £39.99
Daiwa Crossfire X Spin Reel
Daiwa Crossfire X Spin ReelFrom £39.99
Shakespeare Cypry XT 60
Shakespeare Cypry XT 60£39.99 Sale
Daiwa Crossfire Telescopic 9FT
Daiwa Crossfire Telescopic 9FT£39.99
Abu Garcia Cardinal 100 series
Abu Garcia Cardinal 100 seriesFrom £37.99 Sale
Varona Travel Spin
Varona Travel Spin£35.99
Shimano Catana RB
Shimano Catana RB£34.99
Rovex Nitrium NI 5000
Rovex Nitrium NI 5000£34.99
Rovex Hurricane 4 pce. Spin
Rovex Hurricane 4 pce. Spin£29.99 Sale
Jarvis Walker Pro Series
Jarvis Walker Pro SeriesFrom £29.99 Sale
Daiwa Sweepfire Spin Rod
Daiwa Sweepfire Spin RodFrom £29.99
Trade Spools of Nylon
Trade Spools of NylonFrom £28.00
Shimano Alivio CX Spin
Shimano Alivio CX SpinFrom £23.99
Rovex Air Strike Reels
Rovex Air Strike ReelsFrom £23.99
Daiwa Sweepfire Telescopic Spin
Daiwa Sweepfire Telescopic SpinFrom £23.99
Rovex Varona
Rovex VaronaFrom £20.99
Gift Voucher
Gift VoucherFrom £20.00
Mitchell Universe 2 Telescopic 270 / 20-40gr
Mitchell Universe 2 Telescopic 270 / 20-40grFrom £19.99
Soft Flex Waterproof Trousers
Soft Flex Waterproof TrousersFrom £17.99
Specialist Freespool Reel
Specialist Freespool Reel£15.99
Mitchell Advocet M4000R Reel
Mitchell Advocet M4000R Reel£14.99 Sale
Daiwa Sensor Line Loader
Daiwa Sensor Line Loader£14.99
Mitchell Avocet Steel
Mitchell Avocet SteelFrom £14.99
Devil Spin Kits
Devil Spin KitsFrom £14.99
Hand Made Priests
Hand Made PriestsFrom £13.99
Line winder (Clamp)
Line winder (Clamp)£12.99
Line Winder (Speedy)
Line Winder (Speedy)£7.99
Eazy Fish Flying C Kit
Eazy Fish Flying C KitFrom £6.99
FOG Flying C Lure Set
FOG Flying C Lure SetFrom £6.99
Abu Spin Flex
Abu Spin FlexFrom £6.99
Fishing Pliers 6
Fishing Pliers 6"From £5.99
Darter Spoon Set
Darter Spoon SetFrom £5.99
Blair Spoon
Blair SpoonFrom £5.19
Berkley Trilene XL 330YD
Berkley Trilene XL 330YDFrom £4.99
Berkley Powerbait
Berkley PowerbaitFrom £4.99
Maxima 100m (Green)
Maxima 100m (Green)From £4.99
Daiwa Fishing Caps
Daiwa Fishing Caps£4.99
Fishing Caps
Fishing CapsFrom £4.99
Monster Pike Spoon
Monster Pike SpoonFrom £4.99
Essox Monster Spin Flash
Essox Monster Spin FlashFrom £4.99
Berkley PowerBait trout bait
Berkley PowerBait trout baitFrom £4.75
Maxima Chamelon 100 Metre
Maxima Chamelon 100 MetreFrom £3.99
Abu Atom
Abu AtomFrom £3.99
Sharpes Ball Bearing Swivels
Sharpes Ball Bearing SwivelsFrom £3.95
Leeda Mepps Comet Black Fury Yellow Dot
Leeda Mepps Comet Black Fury Yellow DotFrom £3.49
Allcocks Deadbait Spinner Mount
Allcocks Deadbait Spinner MountFrom £3.49
ForcepsFrom £3.25
Mepps Comet Decoree
Mepps Comet DecoreeFrom £2.99
Tsunami Treble Hook Protectors
Tsunami Treble Hook ProtectorsFrom £2.99
Minnow Spin Large
Minnow Spin LargeFrom £2.99
Mustang Wire Spin Trace
Mustang Wire Spin Trace£2.19
Mepps Aglia Silver & Gold
Mepps Aglia Silver & GoldFrom £Enquire
Rovex Tergo Braid
Rovex Tergo Braid£Enquire
Berkley Fireline
Berkley Fireline£Enquire
Berkley Fireline 300yds
Berkley Fireline 300yds£Enquire
Ryobi amazon 4000Vi
Ryobi amazon 4000Vi£Enquire Sale
Shimano Baitrunner ST 10000RB
Shimano Baitrunner ST 10000RB£Enquire
Rovex Nexium NX4000
Rovex Nexium NX4000£Enquire
Cavalier ER650
Cavalier ER650£Enquire
Shimano Catana 1000RB
Shimano Catana 1000RB£Enquire