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Anglers Rendezvous

Used Fishing Accessories

Our secondhand range of angling accessories changes constantly. Be it for fly fishing, Sea fishing, Pike, Carp or Coarse fishing we are sure you will find a gem you cannot live without. From Fly boxes books and videos to seatboxes bivvies and bedchairs we hope you will enjoy browsing on these pages. Secondhand fishing accessories to sell? Speak with us for a fair price.

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The Big Fish Scene
The Big Fish Scene£120.00
Spiderwire Invisi Braid 10lb.
Spiderwire Invisi Braid 10lb.£59.99
Rough River and Small Stream Fishing
Rough River and Small Stream Fishing£50.00
Modern Trout Fly Dressing
Modern Trout Fly Dressing£35.00
Cormoran Carp/Pike Landing Net
Cormoran Carp/Pike Landing Net£29.00
Leather Cast/Fly Wallet
Leather Cast/Fly Wallet£29.00
Wheatley 5
Wheatley 5" x 3 1/2" Aluminium Fly box£25.00
A Passion for Angling
A Passion for Angling£25.00
Wheatley 5
Wheatley 5£25.00
Trout Fly Recognition  B110
Trout Fly Recognition B110£20.00
Sea Trout by Hugh Falkus
Sea Trout by Hugh Falkus£20.00
Trout Bum
Trout Bum£20.00
Cortland 444 WF7 Int
Cortland 444 WF7 Int£18.00
Unusual Fly Tying Vise
Unusual Fly Tying Vise£16.00
The Complete Fly Fisher  B118
The Complete Fly Fisher B118£15.00
Fishing Tackle  B113
Fishing Tackle B113£15.00
Hardy's Aid to Angling
Hardy's Aid to Angling£15.00
Salmon & Sea-Trout Fisheries of Scotland
Salmon & Sea-Trout Fisheries of Scotland£15.00
Carp Challenge
Carp Challenge £15.00
Carp Fishing Advanced Tactics   B168
Carp Fishing Advanced Tactics B168£14.00
Shakespeare Worcestershire Fly Line WF7F
Shakespeare Worcestershire Fly Line WF7F£14.00
Fly Fishing Book
Fly Fishing Book£12.00
Set of 5 Fishing DVD's
Set of 5 Fishing DVD's£12.00
Fishing Watercolour Framed Print
Fishing Watercolour Framed Print£12.00
Fly Tying For Trout
Fly Tying For Trout£12.00
The Fishing Waters of Scotland
The Fishing Waters of Scotland£12.00
The Trout & Sea Trout Rivers of Scotland
The Trout & Sea Trout Rivers of Scotland£12.00
Angling Fundamental Priciples
Angling Fundamental Priciples£12.00
Fly Fishing Tactics on Stillwater   B100
Fly Fishing Tactics on Stillwater B100£10.00
Trout Fishing in Britain  B123
Trout Fishing in Britain B123£10.00
Fishermans Handbook
Fishermans Handbook£10.00
Success with Big Tench
Success with Big Tench£10.00
The Pleasures of Coarse Fishing
The Pleasures of Coarse Fishing£10.00
The Poachers Cookbook
The Poachers Cookbook£10.00
Modern Fly Fishing Tactics And Leaders
Modern Fly Fishing Tactics And Leaders£9.99
Veniard Fly Tying Vice
Veniard Fly Tying Vice£9.00
The Master Angler
The Master Angler£9.00
Complete book of Sportfishing
Complete book of Sportfishing£8.00
Set of 2 Des Taylor Pike videos
Set of 2 Des Taylor Pike videos£8.00
Bank Fishing for Reservoir Trout   B092
Bank Fishing for Reservoir Trout B092£8.00
Fifty Years a Fisherman
Fifty Years a Fisherman£8.00
2 Fly lines
2 Fly lines£8.00
Casting for Gold
Casting for Gold£7.00
The Treasury of Angling  B119
The Treasury of Angling B119£7.00
Total Airgun Hunting Video
Total Airgun Hunting Video£7.00
Leeda LC100 Face Plate
Leeda LC100 Face Plate£7.00
Angling Times set of 2 videos
Angling Times set of 2 videos£6.00
Set of 2 Exotic locations videos
Set of 2 Exotic locations videos£6.00
Set of 2 Kieth Arthur coarse fishing videos
Set of 2 Kieth Arthur coarse fishing videos£6.00
Set of 3 Veniard guides   B106
Set of 3 Veniard guides B106£6.00
ABC of Fishing
ABC of Fishing£6.00
The Fishing Handbook
The Fishing Handbook£6.00
Anglers Mail Annual Collection
Anglers Mail Annual Collection£6.00
Trout Streams
Trout Streams£6.00
More About Angling
More About Angling£6.00
Tench Video   B83
Tench Video B83£5.00
Salmon  B165
Salmon B165£5.00
Trout Fishing B150
Trout Fishing B150£5.00
The Complete Trout & Salmon Fisherman
The Complete Trout & Salmon Fisherman£5.00
Improve Your Bait Fishing
Improve Your Bait Fishing£5.00
Interesting Handmade Lure
Interesting Handmade Lure£5.00
Reservoir Trout Fishing
Reservoir Trout Fishing£5.00
Orvis Fly Reel Case
Orvis Fly Reel Case£5.00
Daiwa Black Shadow Reel Case
Daiwa Black Shadow Reel Case£5.00
The ABC of Fishing
The ABC of Fishing£4.00
Guinness Guide to Freshwater Angling
Guinness Guide to Freshwater Angling£4.00
Set of 2 videos
Set of 2 videos£4.00
The Complete book of Fishing
The Complete book of Fishing£3.00
Float Fishing Video   B82
Float Fishing Video B82£3.00
Fishing on the Right Lines.   B079
Fishing on the Right Lines. B079£3.00
Tapered Trebles
Tapered TreblesFrom £3.00
Spiked Tapered Trebles
Spiked Tapered TreblesFrom £3.00
Another Fishing Year
Another Fishing Year£Enquire